What kind of pens and pencils do you use?
In terms of pens: SKB's, super cheap Bic, Pentel Brush Pens, and when nothing else is available I will pick up just about anything to make marks. But, if you're looking for a pen that doesn't glob up, good luck. They all do. The key
to finding the best pen is this... find the one that feels comfortable for you, get used to it's flaws and make it work
for you. I've had success with several kinds after learning what makes them tick.

As for pencils: Tombow! They are, hands down, the best pencil I've ever used.

Do you draw from life?
Yes, it's what I prefer and what I love more than just about anything. However, there are just times that I can't,
based on time, lack of people around, or just not the right situation. If that's the case, I will use personal reference when I can. I sometimes take snap shots with my phone if I like a certain character or a particular location.

Do you draw your animals from life?
If I have the luxury of being at a zoo, absolutely. Unfortunately, I don't live that close to a zoo and I rely on taxidermy
in sporting stores (like Cabela's) or natural history museums. If that's not available I use reference. It's amazing practice and I love drawing animals so much that I will do whatever I can do draw them.

What's your favorite thing to draw?
The nude figure, of course. Yeah, I draw lots and lots of people clothed but the nude figure is the absolute most amazing practice you can get. Every artist, or aspiring artist, should take full advantage of classes in their areas, universities, or wherever else they can get that practice. You'll never regret it.

Who, or what, are your inspirations?
Life, in general, is what truly inspires me. I probably have hundreds of people whose work I like but what I truly love are the little moments in time that most people probably overlook or take for granted. I'm pretty sure I have made more than a few people uncomfortable by watching them (mainly because I get the stink eye and they get up and leave). The subtle way they move, their character, the way they use a pencil, paint brush, or musical instrument, or the way they sit and stare while looking out into space. I wonder about who they are, what they're about, what hardships they've had to overcome, and what makes them unique. It's all a mystery and those are the moments that inspire
me to make marks and tell stories.

Can you give me some advise on ways to draw better or what to do when I'm stuck?
My best advise is to never give up, draw every single day (even if it's doodling for 5 minutes) and push your limits...
even when you think you already have. I have bad days when things don't work like I think they should. I've had days where my drawings aren't coming together, at all, and when my hands just won't listen to my brain. It's discouraging,
but I never give up. I fight through it. It might take hours or it might take days, but it always works out because I
never gave up.

Will you make videos of your process?
Yes, very soon.

Will you share some of your processes?
Absolutely! Check out my blog tab and check in often.