I simply cannot imagine my world without a sketchbook or pen in hand and not being able to capture these moments 
in time, even if it's just a few seconds, a passing gaze, or the way another artist's hands are pushing a pencil or musical instrument to create something truly unique. For me, 
it's simply magical.

I live for those moments. It's what motivates me, keeps me up at night, and haunts me... all in the same breath.

My work is a simple representation and juxtaposition of forms with multi-layered thoughts of human and animal assimilations. I live for the idea that human and animal life coexisting is simply a complex rhythm of circumstances.
We sometimes m
iss the opportunities to understand and learn from one other, yet we are, indeed, all animals and
I am certainly still learning.

Life is filled with constant struggles and triumphs. This is my therapy. This is how I cope.

I hope you enjoy my work.