Looking for unique opportunities:
I don't often accept commissions but I am looking for truly unique opportunities to create original artwork.
With that said, I am open to commissions if the work is creative, unique, and fits within my style and mediums.

What I am available for and interested in: 

(Willing to travel for unique opportunities. Serious inquiries only, please)


– Wildlife / Sporting art (I am an avid fly fisherman / hunter / sportsman)

         • Including travel fly fishing and hunting trips – capture a truly unique moment, on-site, and one-of-a-kind          

           original art tailored specifically for you and your excursion. This is done both by sketching on location

           and reference photos being taken.

         • Looking for on-site zoo, safari, refuge, and natural history museum opportunities.

         • If you have a request for a particular animal(s) to be drawn (as seen in my shop), please message me for
           details, size, and medium.

Freelance illustration

Sketch art

Figurative art

         • Including on-site life drawing sessions

         • Including fashion illustration opportunities 

Concept illustration



Payment for commissions:

If you are hiring me for a commission, please understand that I require half of the overall payment up front before
any work will be started. The last half is due prior to work being shipped to you, once approved. Thank you for
your consideration and understanding.



Original sketchbook work for sale: (Prints will be made available in the near future)

Starting with my new 2015 work (nothing is being made available from previous years), I am offering these original, one-of-a-kind drawings, to be sold (visit my online shop). As time goes on there will be more and more available drawings and paintings so please check in frequently.

However, if you are interested in a particular theme or concept for original art (people, figurative, animals, sporting art, concept, etc), please let me know and we can discuss ideas, cost and deliverables. The overall costs are based upon size, detail and complexity. I work primarily in Moleskine sketchbooks that range from 10.25 x 8.25 (open) to 16.5 x 11.5 (open) but am open to all other paper, larger scale drawings, walls and anything in between. 

If you are interested in purchasing (or pre-purchasing) some of my sketchbook work, please email me for details.

          • Original Moleskine sketchbook page prices start at $375


Please note: All of my work is copyright protected. All work is signed by me and is in no way, shape or form to
be duplicated, for any reason, unless permission is granted by me, the artist.. Legal action will be enforced to
the absolute fullest.



Working with your photo reference: 

I am always open to working with personal reference material as long as it fits within a certain parameter of creativity, composition and uniqueness. If you are interested in this kind of work, please email me to discuss concept and details.