Loosening up the rust

Life is always throwing something crazy at me, and I haven't been drawing or painting nearly as much as I'd like, but I am trying to work my way back into some normal routine. It's much needed therapy and one of the only things that makes me feel complete. Somehow, I think lots of you can understand. 

Let loose and enjoy!

For those of you who wonder about messing up, worried working from memory or just doodling, this is for you. This is the kind of stuff I do while either sitting at work, sitting in the passenger seat of a car or when boredom is having its way with me (which tends to be more often than not).

I draw whatever shape comes to mind (turning that into some face or figurative thing), turn myself loose to do whatever I think of and sketch as fast as I possibly can. This is somewhere between 5 and 10 'seconds' (I don't allow myself more time than that because then I'll focus too much) and I love doing this. It frees me up from caring too much and they're usually way more fun than fine-tuned drawings. 

So, free yo' mind, let loose and make mistakes as fast as you can. You'll be glad you did. Oh yeah, do this a lot and watch the magic unfold.



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Good luck and thanks for the continued support, friends!

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Drawing bones!

I didn't get as much drawing time as I would have liked yesterday but that will be first of many drawing dinosaur sessions, for sure. What a great place to draw, hang out and explore the wonders of our natural history! 

If you're in or around the Pittsburgh area you have to check out the Carnegie Mellon natural history museum (@CarnegieMNH). There's so much to see and learn. And draw, of course. But seriously, check out the dinosaur and wildlife exhibits, they're friggin' amazing!

It's been far too long.

Hey, everyone!

So, it's been a crazy spring (err, few months) so far and I've not been able to update my blog as much as I'd like, or draw for that matter, and hoping to fix that problem very soon. And, as much as I have planned or wanted to update things, life somehow always seems to get in the way of creativity and throw me a few curve balls along the way.

Anyway, I'll hopefully I'll get back on track very soon and I appreciate you stopping in to say hello.




The aliens have landed!

Hi, friends!

This has been a long time coming and I'm really excited to start 2015 with
new vision and new work. And more importantly, that I am able to share it
and offer an online shop to make it available for you. I've received so many great questions about purchasing that I decided to start this new year with a brand new endeavor. It's a little sparse at the moment but stay tuned, I plan on cranking things up in 2015.

For the short term, I am only offering original sketches. However, in the very near future I will absolutely be introducing some sort of prints, most of which will depend on your feedback. I'm always open to new ideas and communication, so please, fire away!

And yes, I will also be making some videos to post as well. I've also had lots
of great requests for these as well. I apologize for not making them available sooner but life has this unique way of getting in the way of my creative juices. I can assure you, however, that I'm starting to think of possibilities and approaches and can't wait to get started.

Over the last few years I've also had the privilege of making many new friends and acquaintances through my work and it's been more than humbling to say the very least... thank you! I absolutely love connecting with new people and new artists, finding out their stories, and learning about what part of the world they/you are from. So please, shoot me a message, connect with me and let me know who you are and what you're about. 

Finally... I'll be blogging quite a bit (here) with new nonsense and my random ramblings about my personal processes for making art, staying focused and motivated, sharing videos, what tools I'm trying out, what I can't stand using, and what money I've wasted on them so you hopefully you won't have to. 

Oh yeah, be sure to like my Facebook page as well. I'm giving away
an original sketch so check out the details (like my page, share my website post with your friends and enter for a chance to win) and enter as much as you'd like. Deadline to enter is January 23 and I'll announce the winner on that day. Good luck!

So, here we go... cheers!